Born in 1990, I am an international stylist, who works in the fashion industry since 2010. From the very childhood, I knew that my life will be connected to fashion, and at the age of 20 I found out how to make my dream come true by opening my own fashion brand. Always motivated by a desire of an international career, I was soon noticed by one of the biggest Russian Ladieswear brands and there I have started my big journey.

Since then I am happy to work with a best fashion companies all over the world, well-known fashion photographers, models and make-up artists in Russia and Europe, as well as world’s most well-known women’s magazines.

Precise in choosing every detail, I try to make my style very feminine and elegant. Also, due to the several higher educations, I am happy to have a wide knowledges in different fields, such as psychology, marketing, history of fashion, etc. which helps me in my work.

I like to combine my job with my passion for travels and this is how I see that there is no limits for inspiration if you never stop thinking artistically and notice all the details.

Fashion is not just a job for me. I consider it’s a way of life and my own field of art.