HOW – TO wear a chain belt, one of the trendiest accessories of 2019.

Chain belts are back in fashion from 90s and today I would like to show you the most interesting and unusual ways of how to decorate your outfit with it by showing my favorite street style looks.

Wear it with a biker coat, like I do with my chain belt.

Add to your everyday jeans outfit


Give a new life to your elegant dress .

Mary Orton

Give a little shape to your cosy sweater dress in 70-s style outfit, like Bella Hadid does.😉

Bella Hadid

Wear it with a suit

Mary Orton

And even with your trendy denim jacket.


Chain belt can definitely elevate your evening look.

Rosie Huntington – Whiteley

You just need to choose a right belt for yourself.😉 I personally love designer handmade and vintage acessories, so I purchased mine from TFJstore on Etsy. Their acessories are handmade, they have a great choice and a worldwide delivery.

You can buy the same one by link below.

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