Who should wear… Missoni #brandsDNA

Today in my #BrandsDNA rubric I’ll talk about Missoni fashion brand.

For me this brand is unique today, because they do almost 90% of their materials (including their iconic zigzag knit) themself by their exclusive technologies! This is really something different, because most of the fashion houses today don’t produce any materials, they order them from special fabric factories.

The brand is 66 years old now and the whole big Italian family Missoni is working on it. Today it’s not only a clothing line, but also a home collection and even a hotel!

The Missoni themselves say that they create not a clothes, but a lifestyle! And you can easily feel that, because everything they do has a very special touch.

The Missoni’s most important value is family! Probably that’s why they try not to attach to any special age of women, they say that they want to make a clothes which could wear a young girl, a woman, a grand mother, a clothes for everyone. But in fact they perfectly fit exactly mother roles – warm cosy colours, soft hugging textures, almost all of clothes are shining with comfort, warm and care.

The Missoni woman is warm, cheerful and communicative, like a true Italian! Because the introvert and a depressive person will never be able to stand these feast of colours and prints. 🙂

At the same time she is very traditional and family-oriented. No any sexuality, provocations and seduction will be in her clothes.

She is very empathic. Can take care not only about herself, but also about others. And she desires to do that.

She also loves comfort. Prefers to feel comfy everywhere all the time. Because how is it possible to communicate with everyone and take care, when you are uncomfortable yourself? 😉

If in this description you see yourself, or you want to dig into this condition, – check Missoni collections, you’ll find a lot of interesting for yourself there!

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