Who should wear… Calvin Klein #brandsDNA

I decided to move an English version of my BrandsDNA rubric from my Instagram here, to my blog. And the first post is gonna be about the Calvin Klein philosophy.

Well, this brand was born in year of 1968, but it’s big boom was in 90s, when they actually “exploded” media with their scandalous “pornographic” advertising campaigns, which actually brought their popularity high to the sky. You can see and read more about these ads in my previous post.😉

At the same time brand clothes themself don’t have too much in common with shock and extravagance. Calvin himself says that he is inspired by an American woman, who is young, modern, who wants career and who wants family, who is doing all these things at the same time and she needs a clothes to fit this lifestyle!

“It came out that women like that are everywhere in the world!” – says mr. Klein about his success.

Calvin Klein clothes are simple, clear, minimal, without too much decorations. This kind of clothes, to their mind, are made to show the person’s beauty.

Well, who exactly is the Klein girl?

– Active, dynamic and modern, it is both important for her – career and a close relationships. She wants everything at the same time – work, family, sport, friends – her kind of lifestyle.

– Self-confident and considers that she doesn’t need “too much decorations” to look attractive – hates being overdressed and doesn’t like too much acessories. She prefers to dress-up pure and comfortable.

– Sensual. She perfectly knows and understands herself, she is very sincere and able to creat a very close relationships.

– Prefers to stay herself in every situation and doesn’t care too much about what others think of her.

– Her sexuality is exactly essential and pure sensuality. She loves her body and sexual aspect of relationship is very important for her.

If you see yourself in this description, take a look at Calvin Klein collections, probably you’ll find a lot interesting for yourself there.😉

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You can also write in comments below, what brand would you like to know about and I’ll choose the most wanted ones for the next posts.

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