The Controversy of Calvins

You know guys that I’m obsessed with a fashion photography, and today I would like to show you some Calvin Klein campaigns which made a big scandal back in 90’s, what actually brought a brand great popularity!

Well, it all started in 1980, with a 15 years old Brook Shields in their ad, who were so seductively saying that there’s nothing between her and her Calvins.

Photographed and directed by Richard Avedon

Next camping helped young Kate’s and Mark Walberg’s careers, but the almost naked Kate is only 17 at that time, so this 1992 shots are also controversial.

Photos by Herb Ritt

The next campaign by Steven Meisel was one of the biggest scandals. It outraged parenting groups and religious organisations who felt the ad resembled amateur porn. Even a president of US, Bill Clinton made a big public speech against this ad, after what an American Justice Department was forced to investigate whether or not the company had violated any child pornography laws. The investigation was closed when Calvin Klein proved that the models were all adults.

Campaign by Steven Meisel

Another campaign, 2009 this time, placed in New York’s SoHo immediately caused indignation with many believing the image suggested a foursome. After 15 000 complaints, the ad was banned.

By Steven Meisel

The 2011 campaign with Lara Stone for CK One fragrance was called up for supposedly containing some subtle – with the image spelling out the word fuck (the table legs are the F, the U is her bra, and the CK of Calvin Klein is the rest). 

By Steven Meisel

And the latest one, they say  “Inspired by actual events and people.”, made in a partnership with Tinder and shot by Mario Sorrenti show models canoodling and posing provocatively with text messages running along the side of the ads. They say it shows a modern generation approach to the sexual connection in a digital world…. They just show you how it is, leaving a space to think about your attitude to all the situation.

By Mario Sorrenti

Here are some 2 more photos which I find quite provocative, but I don’t really know their stories, years and authors. So I will just leave them here and if you have something interesting to tell about them, please share in comments.

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