Martina Vincenzo launched a collection, dedicated to Lady Di.

Martina Vincenzo is a young jewelry brand which stands for a woman power. This season they have launched a collection “Diane”, inspired by a great woman – Princess Diane. And I am very honoured to present a necklace from it.

Being a stylist, I always try to make a “speaking” looks. This necklace stands out with its elegance. It is a real symbol of splendor, nobility, sophistication and soul depth.

The necklace is made of one of Diana’s favorite stones – blue sapphire, surrounded with crystal zircons and accompanied with a delicate sterling silver chain.

It is definitely adding a royal style to a whole look and will be a good part of sophisticated and feminine image.

Martina Vincenzo is a brand worth a special attention. It took my heart and there’s some really good reasons for that.

Firstly, the quality of jewelry. For their products they use only the best quality sterling silver and precious stones, such as sapphires, zircons, etc. There’s an authenticity card comes with every single piece, which guarantees genuine materials.

Then comes the way how they care about you. There is this very nice feeling when you get their parcel. It is always very beautifully packed, with all these exclusive boxes in white and silver colour themes. Also, you have an option to customize your order by adding your photos, gift cards, flowers. So It could be a perfect gift to someone special.

And of course, the very important thing about them is that all their jewelry are with a special “meaning”.

I am very happy to be a Martina Vincenzo ambassador and a part of the Women Power Team.

This necklace and other jewelry are available to order on their website, they ship worldwide! For all my followers, there’s a 10% discount with my code DINARA., don’t forget to use it!

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