HOW – TO stylize an A la Rus’ using a modern clothes.

After the World Cup, Russian themes are Quite popular around the world and I have made these stylization in A La Rus’ style, just to show that it is not just a well-known kokoshnik.

If you want to make a stylisation for some shooting, editorial, movie, or maybe want to add some special taste to your outfit, this article might be useful for you.

All of the clothes and acessories I used for making this shooting bought by me from different brand’s Summer 2018 collections.

Here are some tips which I used to make my editorial look stylish and authentic.

1) Choose the current epoch.

You know, that a Russian costume historically were changing a little bit slower, than, for example, French or American ones. But though, there’s some very recognizable periods, and each of them has its own particular features. To discover them, you can look through old photographies or paintings made in exact time period. Many of them available in internet, but if you are making some big project, my suggestion is to look for a special books, there’s usually more and better material in them.

I took the period between 19th and 20th century. We know that it’s already long slim silhouettes in fashion, but with accent on bust and hips; they use a lot of tight buttons; and do not wear a loose hair.

2) Be more specific – is it a costume of a

town or a village citizen, is she a young girl or grown-up woman, will it be day or evening outfit, summer or winter, etc.? This will help you to be more precise with detailes of your ensimble.

I choose a young girl village summer day costume. So I used a lot of light colour, linen fabric, specific medium floral print, braid hairstyle, big pearly necklace (a young girls used to wear pearls), knitted elements, such as clutch and socks.

3)Working with background.

Not only outfit is important, but also a place where you make shooting! Always remember, that your photos should tell a story, not only show clothes. I consider photos as a way of art, so I am very concentrated in each detaile.

Be sure, that the background of your photo matches the time period and other characteristics you are chosen and also compliments your outfit (it is no point to look for a black cat in a dark room, right? ;)?

4) Choose some “raisin” of your serie. Something unusual, creative, eye-catching, unexpected, absolutely new! Something, that will leave viewer wondering, what exactly you wanted to say… It can be a whole shooting theme, or a just iconic shot, like we made, in the end. But it will bring a special taste to your editorial and make it catchy for audience.

So, these are 4 basic tips that, I believe, will make your stylization successful!

And here you will see some photos from the “A la Ruse” series we made with a great team from Poland.

If you want to to cooperate with me for your shooting, please find my contacts in “Contacts” page.

And if this article was interesting for you and you want to see more of my fashion stylizations, follow me in instagram @kazakovadi and you’ll see all of them first 😉

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