HOW – TO wear a belt in Autumn 2018

August is a great time to prepare for a next season, so let’s get acquainted with a new trends.

The easiest and fastest way to make your outfit “up-to-date” is complimenting it with a trendy accessories. And one of the biggest trend for the next season in this field is a global “beltmania”, which was shown on all the catwalk shows.

I’ve made a quick review for you about the most fashionable ways to “make your outfit” with a belt in A/W 2018 season. Hope it will bring good inspiration for your new fashionable looks. And if you will come up with any new way of how to use a belt, please share with me in comments below

First of all, forget about matching shoes and bag colour. If you want to keep some colour line,

Match colour of shoes and belt.


Jacket + belt

Trend is not so new, but is still very actual next Autumn. If last season we used mostly medium width belts to wear with a suits, this year designers show, that you can use any one you like.


Corsets and unusual shapes

This is my favorite trend, because this is something new and fresh.

Also it’s a great new way to wear your shirts, dresses and even jackets.

Yohji Yamamoto
Alexander McQueen

Knit + belt with waist bag

In upcoming season waist bags get a new shape and designers suggest us wearing them with a warm knit

Elisabetta Franchi

All type of coats and cardigans + belt

Stay warm and trendy

Louis Vuitton
Les Copains

Double belt or 2 belts

Great way to make an accent on your waist and refresh your look is adding 2 belts in it.

Miu Miu
Miu Miu

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