5 great jewelry brands which you probably didn’t know

Here I’m sharing my personal TOP of jewelry brands and shops with you. Let’s broaden it! Write your favorite places to find beauty in comments. Btw, on picture is just a small part of what I’ve bought this month for my collection. Mostly under the inspiration of Italian diva’s.

  • http://www.parfois.com – most of the pieces on this picture are from this brand. They are always in trend, have huge collection and good prices – perfect place to find accs for shooting.


  • @galastar_jewel – thanx for my girls from our imagemakers community for sharing this jewelry designer’s store with me Gala is making really sophisticated art pieces.


  • decolove.com – big bridal collections, but mostly all of their wonderful jwlry you can use in your everyday and “to-go-out” looks.


  • @medeinjungles – beautiful jewelry for natural style vector


  • alighieri.co.uk – something very different and sophisticated. Perfect for extravagant style vector. Thanx to @rosiehw for sharing with me

Here it is. Hope, this list will be useful for you and you will find a great pieces to complete your fashion looks in these shops.

Please, don’t hesitate to share your own favorite shops with me in comments.

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